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Black Dog Truck & Trailer Repair in Leduc, Alberta, offers comprehensive heavy-duty truck repair & maintenance services, ensuring your heavy-duty vehicles stay in prime condition. Our skilled diesel mechanics are equipped to handle a wide range of truck repair services, prioritizing quality and efficiency for your truck & fleet needs. From diesel engine repair to transmissions, axles, brakes, & more, Black Dog Truck & Trailer Repair is your go-to solution for truck repair services in Leduc, AB. Contact us today for service!

How Much Can You Make With A Fleet?

The earnings from operating a fleet can vary significantly based on factors like fleet size, type of vehicles, routes, and management efficiency. A well-managed fleet with optimized routes and regular maintenance can yield substantial profits, while poor management can lead to losses.

Common Repairs in Leduc, Alberta

In Leduc, Alberta, the most common truck repairs include engine overhauls, transmission issues, and electrical system malfunctions. Due to the humid climate, cooling system repairs are also frequent, as are brake repairs due to the area's varied terrain. Our services are designed to address these common issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime for your fleet.

Brake Repair: Brake repair is critical for safety on the road. Our services include replacing worn drums, repairing brake lines, and ensuring the hydraulic system functions properly. Regular maintenance of brakes is essential for preventing accidents and ensuring the smooth operation of your truck.

Coolant Systems Repair: Coolant system repairs are vital in preventing engine overheating. Our services include flushing the cooling system, repairing leaks, and replacing faulty thermostats and water pumps. Regular maintenance of the coolant system helps in maintaining engine temperature and preventing costly engine damage.

EGR and DPF Repair: EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) repairs are crucial for emissions control. We specialize in cleaning, repairing, or replacing these components to ensure your truck meets environmental standards and operates efficiently.

Engine Repair: Engine repairs range from minor tune-ups to major overhauls. We address common issues like oil leaks, power loss, and abnormal noises. Regular engine maintenance ensures longevity and reliability, keeping your truck's heart in optimal condition.

Exhaust Systems Repair: Exhaust system repairs are essential for both performance and environmental compliance. Our services include fixing leaks, replacing corroded parts, and ensuring the system efficiently removes exhaust gases from the engine.

HVAC Systems Repair: HVAC system repairs ensure driver comfort and safety. We address issues like inefficient cooling, heating problems, and ventilation malfunctions, keeping the cabin environment comfortable in all weather conditions.

Driveline Repair: Driveline repairs are crucial for the smooth operation of your truck. Our services include fixing issues with the driveshaft, differential, and gearbox, ensuring efficient power transmission from the engine to the wheels.

Axle Repair: Axle repairs are important for vehicle stability and load-bearing capacity. We handle issues related to axle alignment, bearing replacement, and joint repairs, ensuring your truck can safely carry heavy loads and navigate roads efficiently.

Areas We Service

Black Dog Truck And Trailer Repair in Leduc, Alberta, is your go-to for heavy-duty truck needs. We offer towing, mobile services, and roadside assistance. Our reach extends to Sherwood Park, Millet, and the bustling truck hub of Devon. In Edmonton, we're a trusted name. St. Albert and Spruce Grove count on us too. Services are also available in Acheson and Nisku. Wherever you are, we're ready to assist. Reliable. Efficient. Always there! 

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For comprehensive truck repair services in Leduc, Alberta, trust our expertise. We're dedicated to ensuring your fleet runs smoothly with minimal downtime. From engine repairs to HVAC servicing, we've got you covered. Contact us today for reliable, efficient truck repairs and join the ranks of satisfied fleet managers who choose us for their repair needs. Let's keep your fleet moving forward.

Our Truck Repair Services

At Black Dog Truck & Trailer Repair in Leduc, Alberta, we offer comprehensive truck & trailer repair and maintenance services, ensuring your vehicles leave in prime condition. Our skilled team of diesel mechanics are equipped to handle a wide range of repairs, including suspension & transmission repairs, tires, axles, exhausts, diesel engines, & more. With 10 service bays and the latest repair technology & tools, you can trust our heavy-duty truck repair shop in Leduc, AB to get your truck & fleet safely back to the road.

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"I had a steady bearing  Fail on one of my propane delivery trucks trucks. Black dog was able to source the part local and install it in a mere 5 hours.. Great service thanks very much team."


"Awesome team, well organized shop that doesn't jerk a guy around.  will have my business for the foreseeable future.."


"Great caring company. Very professional and gets the job done well."


"Just a bunch of awesome people at black dog thanks for getting my logging truck fixed as fast as you could both times you did a great job i definitely would recommend you to anyone who would use your mechanical services"

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"Took a trailer there to get it inspected and repaired. Received excellent customer service and attention to detail. Inspection report is the best and most comprehensive in the industry! Great work done here, highly recommend."

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"Top shelf guys would  even trust with my kids car and would recommend to to anyone very good experience every time."


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